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GCM in the Media

As a prominent member of the Microbicides advocacy community, GCM is often asked to contribute writing, interviews and input to media and journal articles. See below for a list of our recent contributions. 


Sharon Mina Olago - who played Violet on MTV's Shuga - was selected HIV prevention champion at the first Kenyan Women's HIV Prevention and Sexuality Symposium in Nairobi.  A sponsor of the summit, GCM recognizes the importance of Sharon's new role:


HIV Prevention Gel Hits Snag: Money. 3 September 2010, New York Times


Article: New York Times


HIV gel breakthrough lifts mood at AIDS conference, 23 July 2010, Montreal Gazette

Director Yasmin Halima quoted.

Article: Montreal Gazette



Int'l AIDS confab highlights human rights, prevention, 22 July 2010, Bay Area Reporter

Director Yasmin Halima quoted.

Article: Bay Area Reporter


Microbicides – where next?, 22 July 2010, Aidsmap 

Dr. Samukeliso Dube, GCM Africa Programme Leader, quoted.

Article: Aidsmap


AIDS 2010: Local experts weigh in on progress against HIV, 21July 2010ý, Seattle Times 

Global Campaign for Microbicides and PATH mentioned.

Article: Seattle Times


GLOBAL: Microbicides - from results to reality, 21 July 2010, PlusNews
Dr. Samukeliso Dube, GCM Africa Programme Leader, quoted.

Article: PlusNews


Gel offers new hope in fight against HIV, 21 July 2010, The Zimbabwe Herald

Director Yasmin Halima is quoted.

Article: The Zimbabwe Herald



Standing ovation for HIV gel breakthrough at AIDS forum, 20 July 2010, Sydney Morning Herald

Director Yasmin Halima quoted.

Article: Sydney Morning Herald


HIV gel breakthrough lifts mood at AIDS conference, 20 July 2010, Leaderpost

Director Yasmin Halima quoted.

Article: Leaderpost



Success at last for anti-HIV gel, 20 July 2010, 

Director Yasmin Halima is quoted.



Study Shows Gel Holds Promise for Reducing HIV Risk, 20 July 2010, PBS NewsHour

Director Yasmin Halima is quoted.

Article: PBS NewsHour


Tenofovir-based microbicide gel reduces risk of infection for women by 39%, Aidsmap, 19 July 2010

Director Yasmin Halima quoted.

Article: Aidsmap




Microbicide Trial Lifts Hope for Women's HIV Prevention, 19 July 2010, FOXBusiness

Director Yasmin Halima is quoted.

Article: FOXBusiness


Anti-HIV gel is declared breakthrough for women, 19 July 2010, USA Today

Director Yasmin Halima quoted.

Article: USA Today



Zimbabwe: Microbicides Research Results Out Soon, Jul 17, 2010, 

Munyaradzi Chimwara, GCM HIV Prevention Research Advocacy Fellow is quoted.



GCM Receives Praise in Journal of Medical Ethics, April 2010, Journal of Medical Ethics

The Global Campaign for Microbicides (GCM) received praise for its advocacy efforts in a recent editorial by Solomon Benatar and Peter Singer in the Journal of Medical Ethics.  The article, Responsibilities in international research: a new look revisited, calls for increased advocacy around research responsibilities and points to GCM’s analysis of the role of community advisory groups and it’s groundbreaking work looking at standards of care (SOC) in biomedical research.  Specifically, the authors noted, “The Global Campaign for Microbicides is an excellent example of strong advocacy for attention to the full range of health and social needs that participants face during clinical research. This groups’ comprehensive study in seven large-scale microbicide effectiveness trials, to evaluate what SOC was being provided, has gratifyingly shown that creative and innovative means are being explored by several research teams to implement a more broadly defined SOC in developing countries.”


Two GCM-authored and -co-authored publications were cited as part of Benatar and Singer’s review, “Community engagement in HIV prevention trials: evolution of the field and opportunities for growth,” and “Mapping the Standards of Care at Microbicide Clinical Trials Sites.”

Article:  Journal of Medical Ethics


PATH awarded highest rating from Charity Navigator, 20 June 2010, PATH News
PATH, where the secretariat for GCM is housed,  has again received the highest four-star rating from Charity Navigator—for the sixth year in a row! The top rating recognizes and organizations ability to efficiently manage and grow its finances.
Article: PATH News website


The Asian Women of Achievement Award Winners, 19 May 2010,
Director Yasmin Halima is recipient of the 2010 Asian Woman of Achievement Social and Humanitarian Award
Articles: Real Businessand Red Hot Curry


The perils of success: what if the new HIV prevention methods work?, 4 August, Aidsmap
Director Yasmin Halima is quoted
Article: Aidsmap

The Battle in Uganda Over Female Condoms
, 30 August 2009, TIME Magazine
Deputy Director Anna Forbes is quoted
Article: TIME Magazine website


Together we can minimise the impact of HIV/AIDS and create conditions for an HIV free generation, 21-27 August 2009, Vol 9 No 33, ANC TODAY
Global Campaign for Microbicides highlighted
Article: ANC TODAY website


Advocating for HIV trials that work for Women, 11 December 2008, UNAIDS
Deputy Director Anna Forbes is quoted
Article: UNAIDS Website - Feature Stories


Nurses: A missing piece in the HIV Prevention Efforts? Nov/Dec 2008 Vol. 12; No 6
Dr. Samukeliso Dube (African Programme Director) and Anna Forbes (Deputy Director)
Article: PNT Nov/ Dec 08


Work together to spread awareness, November 2008, Volume 32, No 10
Nursing Update - Dr. Samukeliso Dube advices on how to make a difference
Article: Nursing Update


'Microbicides' Plainspeak Issue 3, 2008 by Talking about Reproductive
and Sexual Health Issues, and NGO based in Delhi
This article was submitted by the India Regional Office of GCM
Found at:

'A new promise for the fight against HIV?' October, 2008, The McGill Daily
Anna Forbes, Deputy Director of GCM is quoted
Found at:

'KENYA : Sex workers offer hope for HIV prevention' September, 2008 IRIN
News ( UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
Pauline Irungu of GCM Kenya is quoted
Found at :

Microbicides trials produce mixed results, raise ethical issues' July/August, 2008, PoZ
Katie West, Global Campaign for Microbicides 
Found at :


Microbicides: Looking Back While Moving Forward, Summer 2008, GMHC Publication (tHrlVe)
Katie West, Global Campaign for Microbicides
Found at :

Microbicides and their role in HIV prevention August 2006
Authored by the Global Campaign's own Rebekah Webb (follow link and continue to page 29 of the publication)
Found at: Contact: A publication of the World Council of Churches 

20 Questions August 2006
The Northwest Microbicides Coalition's own Jessica Cohen answers questions about microbicides and the Global Campaign. 
Found at:  Rivet Magazine


Microbicides - New Hope in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS 04/14/2006 (NPR Radio)
Washington, DC's local NPR station covers the city's climbing HIV rates and talks to CONRAD and the Global Campaign's own Anna Forbes about the research and development of and advocacy for microbicides.
Found at: WAMU