Global Campaign for Microbicides


Levels of engagement

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The Campaign offers several different levels of engagement for groups wishing to become involved: endorsers, partners, and local or national “campaign sites”.



Endorsers are groups that sign on to the goals of the Global Campaign.  We ask, at minimum, that endorsers make some effort to raise public awareness – perhaps by publishing an article on microbicides in their newsletter (we provide standardised text that is easily adapted for this purpose), posting a link to the Global Campaign on their web site or mentioning of the need for microbicides in their public statements, reports and other materials wherever relevant.  We also ask endorsers to join us, when requested, in contacting elected and appointed policy makers to urge their attention to the need for greater public investment in new HIV prevention options.



Partners undertake work to advance the Campaign’s objectives (sometimes with initial financial support from the secretariat) at the local or national level.  Working closely with Global Campaign staff, partners may host a local meetings or trainings on microbicides, include microbicides as a primary focus of their ongoing advocacy work or assist the Campaign with a targeted effort to influence local policy makers on a specific issue.  Partners also assist by translating and/or adapting Campaign materials for use among their own constituencies and by developing – and sometimes spear-heading – effective strategies to raise awareness and generate on-going advocacy within their own regions. 



Sites are local or national coalitions of like-minded partners and endorsers who meet regularly over time to develop and implement a common microbicide advocacy agenda at the national or regional level.  Each site is convened by one or more partners in the region and is established when they agree to work together to involve other NGOs in creating such a coalition.