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Key Publications:

McGrory E, Philpott S, Hankins C, Paxton L, Heise L. Standards of Prevention in HIV Prevention Trials: Consultation Report and Recommendations. Washington, DC: Global Campaign for Microbicides at PATH; 2010.

Robinson B, Baron D, Heise L, Moffett J, Harlan S. Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials: Strategies, Tips, and Tools to Manage Controversy, Convey Your Message, and Disseminate Results. Published 2010.

Heise L, Shapiro K, and West Slevin K. Mapping the Standards of Care at Microbicide Clinical Trial Sites. Washington, DC: Global Campaign for Microbicides; 2008.

Forbes A, Sylla L, Yassky R. The First 55 Steps: A Report of the Microbicide Development Strategy's Civil Society Working Group, Global Campaign for Microbicides. February 2008

Webb, R (2006) Microbicides and Their Role in HIV Prevention. Contact/World Council of Churches (182) Published August 2006

Forbes A (2006) Moving Toward Assured Access to Treatment in Microbicide Trials. PLoS Med 3(7): e153 doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0030153  Published July 11,2006

Cali, S (2006) Prevention in the Hands of Women Keep HIV at Bay.  Global AIDS Link/Global Health Council (98) Published August 1, 2006

Forbes, A - Engle, N (2005) Re-Building Distribution Networks to Assure Future Microbicides Access.  AIDS & Public Policy Journal. click here

Rethinking the Ethical Roadmap for Clinical Testing of Microbicides: A Report on an International Consultation June 2005 click here

Dialogue on Community Involvement in Microbicide Trials in Southern Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa July 2003 report

Consultation on HIV Treatment in Vaccine and Microbicide Trials, Washington DC, February 2003 report 

Annual / Update Reports:

The Global Campaign Annual Report 2005/2006
The Global Campaign Annual Report 2003/2004
The Global Campaign Annual Report 2002/2003  
The Global Campaign Annual Report 2001/2002 

Global Advocacy for Microbicides: A Call to Action pdf

Campaign for Accelerating Microbicide Development Gets Underway [pdf]

General Microbicides:

The Case for Microbicides: A Global Priority

US Agency for International Development Report to Congress on the progress of its HIV microbicides and vaccines research program

Rockefeller Reports:

The Science of Microbicides: Accelerating Development pdf
Mobilization for Microbicides: Summary of the Rockefeller Foundation Initiative pdf
The Economics of Microbicides Development: A Case for Investment pdf
Preparing for Microbicide Access and Use pdf
The Public Health Benefits of Microbicides in Lower-Income Countries pdf
Global Advocacy for Microbicides: A Call to Action pdf

Acceptability and Use

Women's Interest in Vaginal Microbicides

Men's Attitudes Toward Vaginal Microbicides and Microbicide Trials

The Acceptability of Microbicides Among South African Men (french)

Woman-Controlled Methods

Network: Special issue on Female Barrier Methods

Female Condom

The Female Condom: A Guide for Planning and Programming
Network: Special Issue on Female Barriers
FHI Research Briefs on the Female Condom
Guidance on insertion
Basic Facts on the Female Condom from the UNAIDS Global Coalition on Women and AIDS