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Press Releases

Global Campaign for Microbicides Lauds Milestone in HIV Prevention Findings that Daily use of Anti-Retroviral Protects Against HIV Infection

23 November - GCM iPrEx Press Release



GCM Director Yasmin Halima co-authored an article published in AIDS on the effects of mass rape in armed conflict area20 September - Mass Rape During Armed Conflict Increases HIV Infections

First Women's HIV-Prevention champion unveiled at the 1st Kenya Women's HIV-Prevention Symposium hosted by the Global Campaign for Microbicides CAPRISA 004 trial shows moderate protection against transmission of virus

8 September -  Kenya HIV-Prevention Champion


Microbicide Trial Lifts Hope for Women’s HIV Prevention:

26 October - Read GCM statement on Tenofovir-gel FDA decision

19 July - GCM Press Release on CAPRISA 004 Trial Results


The Global Campaign for Microbicides showcases HIV-prevention advocacy at the 2010 International AIDS Conference18 - 23 July - GCM @ AIDS2010

The Global Campaign for Microbicides showcases HIV-prevention advocacy at the 2010 International Microbicides Conference




22 - 25 May - GCM @ M2010

Yasmin Halima, GCM Director, receives 2010 Asian Woman of Achievement Social and Humanitarian Award
25 May -
Asian Woman of Achievement Social and Humanitarian Award GCM Press Release

GCM's Statement of Support for the Field
26 February -
Statement of Support for the Field

HIV Prevention Advocates Welcome Promising News on Microbicides
9 February -
HPTN 035 GCM Press Release

Leading advocates express support for microbicides research, despite disappointing clinical trial results
31 January 2007

CONRAD announces Phase III Trials of Cellulose Sulfate Microbicide for HIV Prevention Closed
31 January 2007

FHI announces Phase III Trial of Cellulose Sulfate Microbicide for HIV Prevention Closed
31 January 2007

Polydex Pharmaceuticals reports Phase III trial of Ushercell for HIV Prevention Halted
31 January 2007

Cellegy Announces Results of Data Monitoring Committee Review of Savvy Nigeria Phase 3 HIV Prevention Trial: Recommendation to discontinue Nigeria trial due to low HIV seroconversion rate in trial population
28 August 2006 

Gates Foundation and Congressman Davis Address Microbicides and HIV Prevention for Women at National Press Club
8 February 2006 

Merk and Brystol-Myers Squibb Release Microbicides Candidates for Research to IPM
31 October 2005

U.S. Senate Introduces Microbicide Development Act of 2005
8 March 2005

World Premiere Screening of In Women's Hands in Washington, D.C. on World AIDS Day
30 November 2004  

Congress Passes FY '05 Foreign Aid Spending Bill and Includes $8 Million Increase for Microbicide Development - Total USAID Spending Now $30 Million
24 November 2004  

Scientific American Recognizes DC Area Policy Leader on 2004 "Scientific American 50" List
8 November 2004  

Senator Hilary Clinton signs onto the Microbicide Development Act
3 August 2004

HIV/AIDS Treatment, Microbicide and Vaccine Advocates Release Plan of Action and Joint Statement of Commitment
14 July 2004
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Microbicides research at USAID receives $30 million in House Appropriations bill.
13 July 2004

Citizens demonstrate demand for New HIV Prevention Technologies
24 June 2004
MS Word

Scientists and Health Groups Call for Removal of Nonoxynol-9 from Condoms and Lubricants
26 Sept 2002 

A Product to Protect Women Against Aids Could Come to Market in Five Years
12 Feb 2002

Senate Introduction of Microbicides Development Act
30 Nov 2001  

Senators Introduce Microbicides Development Act on World AIDS Day
29 Nov 2001

Morella Introduces HIV / STD Microbicides Development Legislation
29 June 2001